• I am so happy with what you have done for me. Life changing actually.
    — Gary G. luxury real estate agent
  • Morgan helped me organize my entire 1 bedroom apartment and was an absolute delight to work with. We got rid of tons of unwanted items and I would definitely recommend her as an affordable organization option and motivation!
    — Melissa D. creator LXRY LTD
  • Best investment I've made in a while! I live in a one bedroom apartment, so my storage space is limited. My coat closet had become a bit of a dumping ground with a bunch of things all piled and stacked: not accessible and not neat. Morgan came today and really transformed the space! Items were sorted, labeled, cleared out, and reorganized. My two goals were that items be easy to access and that everything have a "home" and this is certainly the case now. I can actually stand in my closet now! Morgan was kind, knowledgeable, and I really couldn't be happier.
    — Cate P. teacher
  • We absolutely love our new closets!! I could barely open them before and now it's like a present every time I open it :)
    — Miriam D.
  • Haven's simple solutions to my home office environment have allowed me to concentrate on the work and to know that nothing is being lost or misplaced. I can spend more time working on and working in my business and less time searching and wondering and worrying if I've missed placed an opportunity. They were a delight to work with and I give them my highest recommendation. Oh yeah and my office looks great too!
    — Steven W. talent manager
  • Sims was amazing. She tackled my monster closet from hell and got to my kitchen as well. Excellent work. I'll definitely be interested in using this service again.
    — Mario S. film producer
  • I hired Morgan to come into my home and organize my pantry and closet. She was awesome! I never once felt embarrassed or shameful (for having such a mess!!). She was very professional and yet warm and friendly. If you need some help to get things in order, don't think twice to call Morgan and get it done! It is soooo worth it! Money well spent!
    — Ruth A. health coach
  • omg I am dying my (make up) station is the most serene and calming amazing little bubble I am obsessed! It's a dream come true!!!!
    — Julianne P. Trunk Club
  • Morgan is the best person to help you organize and clean out your home. She's kind, clear and empowered me to let go of items that were no longer serving me. I feel so happy when I look in my closet now. It's enjoyable to get dressed in the morning and I feel good in my clothes. My mood has also improved thanks to having a beautiful environment, knowing where everything is and Morgan's loving support.
    — Bianca R. You Are Complete TV


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