Our Process

Though each job varies, here's a look into our step by step process.

1. Phone consultation 


  • this is free
  • you’ll express your needs and wants and we will suggest a team member for your project
  • you can also start the conversation by texting us pictures of your clutter.
  • if we agree we’re a good fit for each other we will schedule a first home session

2. First session


  • your organizer will spend 1/2hr-1hr doing a walk through with you
  • together you can prioritize and your organizer will suggest how to move forward

3. Organizing

  • this depends on your project but sorting, purging, assigning a home for everything and donating are part of organizing
  • you can be as hands on during this process as you want; or you can leave it in the hands of your organizer
  • your organizer will have questions for you and possibly some homework; depending on the project

4. Purchasing & Installation

  • according to your preference your organizer can try to use containers, bins and baskets you already have or create a suggested shopping list for you on our iPad which you then edit and decide on together what you want to purchase
  • your organizer will begin to label and assemble any new materials for your space


5. Reveal

  • your organizer will give you a tour of your new, freshly organized space!


Please note:

As much as we love cleanliness please understand cleaning is not part of our service. However, we can recommend a cleaning service for you and include it in one of your sessions. Just let us know.