Morgan Ovens - founder & CEO

"I started organizing as a kid. Weird, I know. What kid likes to organize? Well that would be me. In high school I started rearranging my room when I was bored. Which led to rearranging shoes, make up, cabinets etc. My Mom was always very organized. I remember the house always looking untouched, “perfect”. I had big dreams of being a famous singer so I moved to Nashville. After years gone by, the stress and strain was too much so I moved to California. I started working with some of the most talented organizers in the business and was reunited with the little organizer in me.  Organizing has taught me a lot; like: how to overcome things that aren’t serving me anymore, how to be in control of my life, how to say no and let go of anything that might be holding me back from being happy and my best self. This is why I was inspired to create Haven."



  Director of Business Development                      

                        PETER                                               CHARLOTTE

                CUSTOM BUILDER                                 JUNIOR ORGANIZER