5 steps to make your home guest ready in 1 hour

Summer is here! BBQ season is here. And July 4th is quickly approaching. I wanted to create a step by step guide for you to have your home entertainment ready in 60 minutes or less. Then, when your Mother in Law leaves after her "surprise visit', you can call us and we can do it for you next time instead.  But until then, I hope this helps xoxo, Sims.


1. Set a timer

Your space will likely become a tornado before it transforms into a quiet lovely space. Know this is normal. Let me introduce the 40/20 rule. I allow 40 minutes to take a space apart: group like things together, take stacks off of table tops and set aside pretty pieces to display. Then, 20 minutes to display, throw away, hide and clean up.


2. Organize as you go

As you empty shelves, drawers and de-clutter, it helps to have a few known piles to set things into. I use recycled paper bags for easy grouping. Add or subtract as you like but I use the following piles as guides:
1 - Throw away. 2 - Recycle. 3 - Donate. 4 - To deal with later. 5- Keep/display.


3. Breathe and Buff

Now you have emptied your space and are sitting in wreckage piles.  Stay calm.  Take a cleaning spray you love or light a candle that brings you joy.  Decluttering is hard work and can be surprisingly overwhelming. Associate the practice with feel good scents or associations. Wipe down each crisp, clean empty shelf or space and appreciate the space now available to house your newly decluttered and sorted items. 


4. Cut it out

Take your throw away pile and toss it immediately, get it out of sight.  Throw your recycling into the bin.  Take your donations out to the car.  Put your "to be dealt with later" pile into a bin you'll deal with after your guests leave. 


5. Stage it

Now, you likely have 15-20 minutes left to reassemble your space.  Place items on shelves or in cupboards, stack things in groups of the same size, shape or color,  and leave surfaces clear to use as places to display art or important pieces.  Add a pop of life with a white potted succulent or an herb in terra cotta and viola!  You have a clean, decluttered, guest ready space in sixty minutes or less. Have fun!