How to Get Ahead of the Curve + Organize Your Life Before the New Year

As January is just around the corner, it’s essential to master the mess before you enter into the new year. Forget ambiguous resolutions and set realistic deadlines! Below we have highlighted three aspects of your life to get in order before the NYE ball drops!

Ambiguous resolutions almost never produce results. Instead, we encourage you to set realistic goals and make deadlines for yourself just as you would a project at work.

Goals are an ends to which we direct our efforts--not just a hashtag on Instagram. Setting goals in the proper manner helps us to stay motivated and produce real results. Tangible goals are realistic, measurable, and specific. Below we have highlighted three aspects of your life to organize to meet your goals this coming year with ease:

1. Create a budget or revise your existing one.

It is nearly impossible to have control over your finances if you don't have an organized bank account. The first step in this process is creating a budget or revising your existing one to reflect your priorities for the new year. Budgeting forces you to acknowledge and reevaluate your spending habits - which we encourage you to do every month.

Pro Tips:

  • Create a yearly budget along with monthly budgets.

  • Be sure to compare projected numbers vs actual numbers at least twice/month.

  • Revise budget one week before the new month.

  • Budget financial goals such as “Mexico vacation” or an upcoming handbag purchase.

Helpful App: You Need A Budget

Suggested Deadline: Three weeks before the new year

2. Prepare your planner + calendar.

Whether you prefer to go digital or stick with a physical log, it is a major game-changer to enter important events before the new year begins! By logging these events, you’re allowing yourself to think about more fulfilling tasks than the endless loop of constantly feeling you forgot about a commitment you made.

Pro Tips:

  • Log any repeat events as such from the beginning (examples: recurring bills and birthdays…).

  • Send calendar invitations for others involved in an event.

  • Create groups such as bills, work, medical + color code intuitively... (examples: green for bills and red for medical).

  • Schedule self care. Wether it’s a twice daily reminder to drink more water, scheduling a massage 1/month or drinks with the girls- schedule these events so they are more likely to actually happen + not just sit on your to-do list.

Helpful App: Google Calendar

Suggested Deadline: Two weeks before the new year

3. Edit your closet + make donations.

You might say this is our speciality. It is so healthy to edit your closet for many reasons: it helps to reimagine what you currently own, it helps you refine your style and how you show up in the world, and most importantly, it helps you let go of items that aren’t serving you anymore.

Pro Tips:

  • Match your hangers for a streamlined look.

  • Create a section for prepped outfits for the coming week.

  • Fold your clothing using the KonMari Method (seriously life changing!).

  • Donate your unwanted items to be a friend to your fellow humans + to the environment.

Helpful App: Cladwell

Suggested Deadline: One week before the new year

Written by Alex Girdler for Haven.

What steps are you taking to get organized in the new year?

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