holiday edit

The Holiday Edit

The holidays are a magical time for giving + receiving gifts + also one of my favorite times to edit! There’s no better time to let go of some of the stuff that’s hiding among dust bunnies + create room for the new gifts you’ve received. Here are some places I recommend donating your unwanted items as well as some editing tips. Happy Holidays! 

Editing Tips

1. Follow the “Give One, Get One” rule. This is so simple + so effective!

2. Don’t look at the brand or designer when editing your closet. Too often guilt comes into play when we think about the cost of the item. The truth is the money was spent a long time ago + keeping the item in your closet isn’t going to put any funds back into your bank account.

3. Stick to a number you feel comfortable with. For example, if your editing vases, pick a number you feel comfortable with such as 5 and only keep your favorite 5. Let the rest go. Picking a number will help you stick to your goals.

Donating in Los Angeles 

Re-book It - schedule a free pick up for your unwanted books CD’s + DVD’s.

Rinse - did you know that along with your dry-cleaning, your Rise valet will pick up clothing donations + drop them off to the LA Mission? Talk about multi tasking!

Freecycle - this is basically the Craigslist for everything you want to get rid of. Check it out:

Donating in San Francisco 

Woven - donate without leaving your home! Schedule a free pick up here:

Let Go - for big items such as furniture list your item for free on Let Go + earn some extra cash

Dress For Success - help a woman in need get a fresh start with interview - appropriate attire that you’re not using anymore

What are you donating this holiday? Comment below!