The Two Key Principles to Create a Healthy Home

Our home space is our Haven where we can recharge and reflect. We owe it to ourselves to create a healthy space that aids peace, growth, and well-being. Our homes are also a holding space for our physical belongings.

Our physical belongings should meet a certain criteria to deserve a place in our holding space just as the company we keep must meet a certain criteria to deserve a place in our lives.

Key Principle #1)

Everything we keep should be either beautiful or purposeful and all belongings should fit in our holding space.

- Beautiful is used relatively and this is personal to what you feel adds beauty

- Purposeful in the sense that this item is both useful and actively used

- Belongings should fit with ease and without any spillover while not being distracting

Key Principle #2)

Everything we keep should align with our values and/or goals.

Unhealthy habits that stand in our way of creating a healthy holding space:

- Holding onto items that are not being used in the present

- Holding onto items that will not be used in the future

- Holding onto items rooted in negative emotional attachment

- Holding onto duplicate items usually rooted in anxiety and/or fear

Examples of holding onto items out of guilt (that we are all guilty of):

My mother-in-law gave me this necklace. What if she gets upset?

I spent $500.00 on these shoes.

Examples of holding onto items out for what if reasons (that we are all super guilty of):

What if I lose 15 pounds and want to wear those pants again?

What if my KitchenAid breaks? Should I get a second one now?

What if we get back together? Should I keep everything they ever gave me?

The Takeaway:

Always examine your underlying motives for why you bring physical items into your life and more importantly, why and if you should keep in them in your holding space.

If you listen, your holding space is already telling you what does and what does not belong.

Written by Alex Girdler for Haven.