Keeping Under The Sink Organized

We have organized many “under the sink” cabinets in the kitchen + they tend to be almost always overflowing with a large variety of miscellaneous household cleaning products. Here’s a DIY guide we HAD to share with you written by Alexa Hotz. It’s a really simple way to cut cleaning product clutter + store your essentials in a beautiful way.

Here are our main takeaways:

  1. Gather 5 clear glass bottles with a variety of lids - spout, pump, spray, or screw top to hold your 5 most used kitchen cleaning products. We recommend these essential types: 1. dish soap 2. all purpose, antibacterial spray 3. aluminum cleaner + 2 additional speciality cleaners based on your kitchen needs. Or keep a couple main house cleaners under the sink as well such as a window/glass cleaner + a homemade room spray.

  2. Decant immediately after purchase. We always suggest recycling packaging immediately after purchasing especially with grocery + pantry items because it takes up so much space. Same goes for under the sink. Some US stores provide filling stations for customers with empty bottles - be sure to check out Alexa’s recommendations in #2.

  3. Dilute cleaning products just a little to increase longevity + to keep your soap flowing freely.

    What do you think of this guide? Let us know below!