A Decluttering Playlist

If you’ve worked with me, you know that I believe vibe is an important factor to create a successful decluttering session. Good music, lit candles + a drink of your choice can go a long way while cleaning out your closet. I’ve created a playlist just for you including my favorite songs to listen to while editing. They give me just enough energy without being too distracting. Enjoy!

  1. Lost - Black Rose

  2. If You’re Over Me - Years & Years

  3. Stay With Me - Ayokay, Jeremy Zucker

  4. Only You - Pason James

  5. Volume - Rayvon Owen

  6. If You’re Hearing This - Hook N Sling, Parson James, Betty Who

  7. Caving - Justin Caruso ft. James Droll

  8. Fireproof - VAX, Teddy Sky

  9. I’m So Tired - Lauv

Which song is your favorite?

Spaces We LOVE xo

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, we’re sharing a few organized spaces that we just LOVE .

Which one is your favorite?

Yes, these are bathing suits ^.




Image 1: http://yesiampreppier.tumblr.com/ Image 6: https://www.moneycanbuylipstick.com

Image 2: https://stylizimoblog.com/ Image 7: https://www.decoist.com

Image 3: https://kelleynan.com/ Image 8: http://theeverygirl.com

Image 4: https://kelleynan.com/ Image 9: https://www.homestolove.com.au

Image 5: http://pinkpeonies.com// Image 10: https://www.styleathome.com

The Two Key Principles to Create a Healthy Home

Our home space is our Haven where we can recharge and reflect. We owe it to ourselves to create a healthy space that aids peace, growth, and well-being. Our homes are also a holding space for our physical belongings.

Our physical belongings should meet a certain criteria to deserve a place in our holding space just as the company we keep must meet a certain criteria to deserve a place in our lives.

Key Principle #1)

Everything we keep should be either beautiful or purposeful and all belongings should fit in our holding space.

- Beautiful is used relatively and this is personal to what you feel adds beauty

- Purposeful in the sense that this item is both useful and actively used

- Belongings should fit with ease and without any spillover while not being distracting

Key Principle #2)

Everything we keep should align with our values and/or goals.

Unhealthy habits that stand in our way of creating a healthy holding space:

- Holding onto items that are not being used in the present

- Holding onto items that will not be used in the future

- Holding onto items rooted in negative emotional attachment

- Holding onto duplicate items usually rooted in anxiety and/or fear

Examples of holding onto items out of guilt (that we are all guilty of):

My mother-in-law gave me this necklace. What if she gets upset?

I spent $500.00 on these shoes.

Examples of holding onto items out for what if reasons (that we are all super guilty of):

What if I lose 15 pounds and want to wear those pants again?

What if my KitchenAid breaks? Should I get a second one now?

What if we get back together? Should I keep everything they ever gave me?

The Takeaway:

Always examine your underlying motives for why you bring physical items into your life and more importantly, why and if you should keep in them in your holding space.

If you listen, your holding space is already telling you what does and what does not belong.

Written by Alex Girdler for Haven.

Keeping Under The Sink Organized

We have organized many “under the sink” cabinets in the kitchen + they tend to be almost always overflowing with a large variety of miscellaneous household cleaning products. Here’s a DIY guide we HAD to share with you written by Alexa Hotz. It’s a really simple way to cut cleaning product clutter + store your essentials in a beautiful way.

Here are our main takeaways:

  1. Gather 5 clear glass bottles with a variety of lids - spout, pump, spray, or screw top to hold your 5 most used kitchen cleaning products. We recommend these essential types: 1. dish soap 2. all purpose, antibacterial spray 3. aluminum cleaner + 2 additional speciality cleaners based on your kitchen needs. Or keep a couple main house cleaners under the sink as well such as a window/glass cleaner + a homemade room spray.

  2. Decant immediately after purchase. We always suggest recycling packaging immediately after purchasing especially with grocery + pantry items because it takes up so much space. Same goes for under the sink. Some US stores provide filling stations for customers with empty bottles - be sure to check out Alexa’s recommendations in #2.

  3. Dilute cleaning products just a little to increase longevity + to keep your soap flowing freely.

    What do you think of this guide? Let us know below!

Must Have Sustainable Swaps - Kitchen Edition

Last week on the blog we shared sustainable swaps - bathroom edition and this week we are moving on to the kitchen! Some of these products have now become staples in my home that I wouldn’t want to live without. Not to mention, it’s so very satisfying to help the planet - even in the tiniest way everyday. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. - Gandhi


I admit, I LOVE using ziplock bags. And for more than just food. In fact, I use them a lot when I’m organizing with clients. But because I use + recommend them a lot I wanted to also recommend an eco - friendly option when it comes to food storage. Check out these eco friendly food wraps. On average, each sheets gets 120-150 uses!

PRO TIP: color coordinate your food groups. For example, choose green for fruits, teal for baked snacks + blue for veggies.


This tip might actually be a free swap. Do an edit + toss any plastic containers you might have + only keep the glass ones. Do this for travel bottles too.


Sometimes, I really enjoy drinking from straws. And these clear glass straws are my absolute favorite! You can even put them in the dishwasher.


I use a good amount of paper towel. So I really wanted to find a sustainable option that I could use at least some of the time. Check out this paper towel alternative. It’s not practical to use on absolutely everything - for example, cleaning toilets - but I keep this roll next to my paper towel on my kitchen counter + use it about 50% of the time. They are 100% washable + great cleaning cloths! And no trees were harmed when making them.


Check out this coconut fiber scourer that’s 100% free from plastic. Can be used to scrub anything!

Any sustainable swaps we missed? Tell us about them below!

And if you missed our blog last week, read our bathroom edition here.

Must Have Sustainable Swaps - Bathroom Edition

Happy New Year friends!

One of my personal goals for 2019 is making my home more eco friendly. I feel more than ever that we all have a responsibility to take care of this beautiful planet + I want to do my part. I’ve been on a journey testing out different sustainable products + can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you.

    When I thought about how many cotton balls I was using everyday to remove makeup or apply toner I started to feel a little guilty. After some trial + error I found a replacement that I love! Check out these Reusable Makeup Remover Pads. They are machine washable + so incredibly soft.


    At first I was skeptical of THINX products. Have you heard of them? They make washable, reusable undies that can replace pads, tampons, liners, and cups. They are so comfortable + once I finally tried a pair I was a believer. Try them for free here.

    Toilet paper + paper towel are the 2 paper products I use most. And I’m thrilled I have found a no-harm-to-the-planet replacement for 1 of them! Check out this oh so soft guilt free bamboo TP.

    Introduce plants. Indoor plants naturally purify the air + bring additional oxygen into spaces. Adding some plants to your bathroom will add a beautiful pop of green + make your bathroom more eco friendly.

    Come back on Thursday for the kitchen edition :).

    Have you found any sustainable swaps you can’t live without? Tell us about them below!

The Holiday Edit

The holidays are a magical time for giving + receiving gifts + also one of my favorite times to edit! There’s no better time to let go of some of the stuff that’s hiding among dust bunnies + create room for the new gifts you’ve received. Here are some places I recommend donating your unwanted items as well as some editing tips. Happy Holidays! 

Editing Tips

1. Follow the “Give One, Get One” rule. This is so simple + so effective!

2. Don’t look at the brand or designer when editing your closet. Too often guilt comes into play when we think about the cost of the item. The truth is the money was spent a long time ago + keeping the item in your closet isn’t going to put any funds back into your bank account.

3. Stick to a number you feel comfortable with. For example, if your editing vases, pick a number you feel comfortable with such as 5 and only keep your favorite 5. Let the rest go. Picking a number will help you stick to your goals.

Donating in Los Angeles 

Re-book It - schedule a free pick up for your unwanted books CD’s + DVD’s. https://www.rebookit.org/donation-pickups/

Rinse - did you know that along with your dry-cleaning, your Rise valet will pick up clothing donations + drop them off to the LA Mission? Talk about multi tasking! https://www.rinse.com

Freecycle - this is basically the Craigslist for everything you want to get rid of. Check it out: https://www.freecycle.org

Donating in San Francisco 

Woven - donate without leaving your home! Schedule a free pick up here: https://www.wovin.org

Let Go - for big items such as furniture list your item for free on Let Go + earn some extra cash https://us.letgo.com/en

Dress For Success - help a woman in need get a fresh start with interview - appropriate attire that you’re not using anymore https://sanfrancisco.dressforsuccess.org

What are you donating this holiday? Comment below!

How to Get Ahead of the Curve + Organize Your Life Before the New Year

As January is just around the corner, it’s essential to master the mess before you enter into the new year. Forget ambiguous resolutions and set realistic deadlines! Below we have highlighted three aspects of your life to get in order before the NYE ball drops!

Ambiguous resolutions almost never produce results. Instead, we encourage you to set realistic goals and make deadlines for yourself just as you would a project at work.

Goals are an ends to which we direct our efforts--not just a hashtag on Instagram. Setting goals in the proper manner helps us to stay motivated and produce real results. Tangible goals are realistic, measurable, and specific. Below we have highlighted three aspects of your life to organize to meet your goals this coming year with ease:

1. Create a budget or revise your existing one.

It is nearly impossible to have control over your finances if you don't have an organized bank account. The first step in this process is creating a budget or revising your existing one to reflect your priorities for the new year. Budgeting forces you to acknowledge and reevaluate your spending habits - which we encourage you to do every month.

Pro Tips:

  • Create a yearly budget along with monthly budgets.

  • Be sure to compare projected numbers vs actual numbers at least twice/month.

  • Revise budget one week before the new month.

  • Budget financial goals such as “Mexico vacation” or an upcoming handbag purchase.

Helpful App: You Need A Budget

Suggested Deadline: Three weeks before the new year

2. Prepare your planner + calendar.

Whether you prefer to go digital or stick with a physical log, it is a major game-changer to enter important events before the new year begins! By logging these events, you’re allowing yourself to think about more fulfilling tasks than the endless loop of constantly feeling you forgot about a commitment you made.

Pro Tips:

  • Log any repeat events as such from the beginning (examples: recurring bills and birthdays…).

  • Send calendar invitations for others involved in an event.

  • Create groups such as bills, work, medical + color code intuitively... (examples: green for bills and red for medical).

  • Schedule self care. Wether it’s a twice daily reminder to drink more water, scheduling a massage 1/month or drinks with the girls- schedule these events so they are more likely to actually happen + not just sit on your to-do list.

Helpful App: Google Calendar

Suggested Deadline: Two weeks before the new year

3. Edit your closet + make donations.

You might say this is our speciality. It is so healthy to edit your closet for many reasons: it helps to reimagine what you currently own, it helps you refine your style and how you show up in the world, and most importantly, it helps you let go of items that aren’t serving you anymore.

Pro Tips:

  • Match your hangers for a streamlined look.

  • Create a section for prepped outfits for the coming week.

  • Fold your clothing using the KonMari Method (seriously life changing!).

  • Donate your unwanted items to be a friend to your fellow humans + to the environment.

Helpful App: Cladwell

Suggested Deadline: One week before the new year

Written by Alex Girdler for Haven.

What steps are you taking to get organized in the new year?

Leave us a comment below!

OMG Holiday Gift Guide 2018!

It's that time of year again! I can't believe how quickly 2018 flew by. Our annual holiday gift guide aims to make holiday gift giving this year a little more conscious, healthy + sustainable. We won’t be surprised if you buy 2 of everything… one for you, one for your friend. Happy gift giving!

OMG Holiday Gift Guide 2018-1.png


This beautiful + useful wood box keeps 8 oz. of salt right at your fingertips. Featuring a magnetic latch and swivel lid, salt stays dry + fresh. Purchase here.


This treatment kit by Sara Happ is all you need to achieve a Perfect Pout. Not to mention, it's paraben-free, made in the USA + not tested on animals. Winning! Get it here.

PS: challenge your friend to declutter her makeup bag. These 3 lip products are all anyone needs!


This Acrylic Bracelet Box is gorgeous + perfectly displays bracelets of all sizes! Shop here.


Incredibly healthy + delicious nourishing ready-made food! Self care for the win! Gift it here.

PS: keep the reusable glass containers for a sustainable food storage option. They’re great for packing lunches + snacks, or storing leftovers.


Give the gift that keeps on giving. Available in custom amounts starting at $150 for 2 hours of organizing services. Yes please! Email to order: info@havenhome.la or click here.

We want to know… what gifts are you giving this year? Comment below!

A Healthy Guide to Makeup Expiration Dates

A Healthy Guide to Makeup Expiration Dates

A lot of client’s ask me, “when does makeup expire?” This is a tricky one because the majority of makeup doesn’t come with an expiry date on the container. So here are a few general rules to follow regarding expiry dates to help you + your makeup bag stay healthy + beautiful! PS: don’t miss the “secret” label that’s often overlooked mentioned at the very end of this blog.



3 Months.

When mascara dries out or gets clumpy, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, says optometrist Jennifer Giermek of N.Y.C.'s Naked Eye Optical.

Primer + foundation:

12-24 months. 

Nail polish:

1-2 years.

Heat and direct sunlight will make your polish separate and become discolored faster, so store your lacquers upright in a cool, dry place. -Byrdie 

Natural products:

3-6 months.

Think of your natural, preservative-free cosmetics as food, Greenberg says. “If you keep them in your refrigerator they’ll last a little longer, but the natural stuff is going to go way quicker”. Jamie Greenberg, celebrity makeup artist. 


Eye Shadow

3-6 months.

Powder shadows should be replaced often since they’re used around your eyes.


Liquid or gel: 3 months. Pencil: 2 years.

Pencil eyeliners last longer when sharpened regularly.


1 year.

Stop pumping your lipgloss, immediately. This forces air into the tube, which dries out your beloved product and facilitates bacterial contamination. Instead, slowly move the wand in a circular motion whilst in the tube for full coverage. -Cosmopolitan


2 years.

Powder blushes will be the longest lasting color cosmetic in your makeup bag!


PRO TIP: look for the PAO label.

The US currently doesn't require cosmetics to have an expiration date by law but some bottles do have a PAO (or "Period After Opening") symbol, which includes the number of months a product is safe to use after it has been unsealed.


So, any surprises? Did you know about the PAO label?

Leave us a comment below!

Thank you Annie Spratt for the use of these beautiful photos.

Harmonize Your Holiday Home Soiree

As October comes to an end, celebration season kicks into full swing. We partnered
with our friend Melissa Diner, of The Copper Key Catering + Events, on four, simple, event planning tips for your next holiday home soiree. Cheers!

1. Use an alcohol calculator based on the number of guests you anticipate.  Decide if you want to serve beer + wine or full bar. If full bar, having someone tend to it can really alleviate some pressure. To keep it simple, have one or two specialty mixers and let guests pick their spirit, in addition to beer, wine + sparkling. I hate to run out so over order and then use the remaining bottles for holiday gifts.

Drink Calculator (@bevmo_co)

2. Invest in multi use platters. They don’t have to be expensive. You can find some amazing serving ware at Home Goods or a thrift store, but having proper plating and serving utensils for your spread will make you feel like an adult. When menu planning + writing your grocery list take a moment to envision what you need to serve each item including drinks. 

3. Put a flower on it. Whether that means topping off a couple glasses of sparking rose for a welcome drink or putting the finishing touch on a winter salad or appetizer plate for some color, you will look like a pro with this simple touch. If you can’t find edible flowers, don’t stress just pick up a bouquet and in addition to putting in vase or small bottles, place a few in between the platters to dress up display.

Current inspiration: @loriastern  

We found this image  here.

We found this image here.

4. Eliminate waste by sending guests home with left overs in recyclable, compostable disposables or reusable tupperware. If you have a large party there are companies that will come + pick up leftovers + bring them to a local shelter. Lastly, avoid single use plastic. At minimum swap plastic straws for paper or better yet buy some aluminum ones for smaller gatherings. For larger gatherings, consider renting glassware or purchasing multi-use stemless wine glasses from Ikea.

Our favorite eco friendly straws:

Stainless Steel Straws: https://amzn.to/2Cpm0iI

Clear Glass Straws: https://amzn.to/2CqoA7W

Birchwood Paper Straws: https://amzn.to/2Cs5oGT

Contact @twicenewfoundation for bulk food surplus or leftover pick + delivery. If you don’t have containers just let them know + they will bring them for you to transport.

Have a secret for stress free celebrations? Comment below or Instagram post here.

Melissa Diner is a event planner based in Los Angeles, CA. She currently consults for The Copper Key Catering & Events, and with them will be producing all food programming at Summit Series LA November 2-4, 2018. If you need help with anything from shopping list organization to full service event production and catering you can reach her at melissa@thecopperkey.net

IG: @melissadiner 

IG: @thecopperkeyca

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