5 ways to keep your pet organized


1. Store all leashes and collars by the door you use most with your pet.
-this gives you quick and easy access to the things you need when you're ready to take your pet outside, for a walk or for a ride in the car.  

2. Use different colored containers for treats instead of individual labels.
-since you're most likely buying different kinds of treats all the time, colors are the best way to identify the treats without wasting labels. 

3. Keep a toy box in your living room for easy clean up.
-and if you can teach your pet to put their toys back in the basket when they're done playing with them, all the power to you!

4. Keep a pet blanket in your living room.
-if your pet is allowed on furniture keep a blanket close by to help keep excess fur off your couch or chair. 

5. Keep your vet records in the console of your car.
-the time you'll need your pet records most is when you're going to the vet or when you're traveling and this way they will be easily accessible to you when you need them most and not forgotten at home.