5 things you need to throw out now

Making discarding a regular habit really helps cut down on accumulation. It's also builds your decision making skills; you're in control and saying no (sometimes) is very necessary. 
Check out our top 5 things you need to throw out now below.

1.  If you come across any duplicates, pick your favorite one (or two max) and donate or toss the others. Repeat for every multiple you find of clothing, products, tools etc.


2. If you're getting dressed in the morning and change a few times because you don't like that shirt or pair of pants, donate them. Same goes for that piece of clothing hanging in the back of your closet that you're only hoping to fit into again. No negativity allowed because you're beautiful. 

3. If you come across a hidden kitchen tool in your pantry that you've never used; give it to someone who will. Same goes for your "as seen on tv" products that you rarely ever use.


4. As soon as you come home from the store, empty your new goodies and throw out all of that bulky-space-consuming packaging. You can use containers, baskets, ziplock bags or simply store them in your cabinets. And most of the packaging can be recycled so you're helping the environment out too.

5. Expired beauty products are harmful to your skin and applying them certainly shouldn't be part of your beauty routine. One study showed 70% of women are using exired beauty products daily. Click here to see elle's makeup shelf life guide; throw them away now.

How did you do? We'd love to hear what you got rid of. Leave us a comment below!